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How VR is Changing the Commercial Furniture Business

By Temperature Design
July 22, 2021

Buyers Shop with Confidence From Their Own Bedroom

Now, as a buyer, you can become your own designer, become more engaged in the designing process by visually exploring and experimenting with options in your own space, and start to envision your plans before they are set. 


The traditional shopping experience

How common is it to go instore to find the perfect side table for your bedroom, you browse through all the various styles, materials and colours of side tables, absorb all the key information the sales assistant tells you, then after a long exhausting shopping day, finally you fall in love with a side table. It is the perfect size, colour and has exciting features such as an installed charging point. You purchase the side table, pack it in your car, set it up at home and finally position it by your bed and it just does not fit in the space how you assumed it would, even though you took all the measurements before purchasing it.

Or have you ever purchased a product online after scouring the internet for the perfect chair, pay for shipping, wait a week for delivery, set it up and simply the quality is just not up to your standards and on top, it just does not suit the space how you envisioned it would. Then you had to go to all the effort to uninstall it, pack it back up, post it back, wait 3-5 days to receive your refund and then go through the process all over again in the hope to find the perfect side table. Because yes, this happens to me I would say about 60% of the time I make an online purchase. 


Downsides to online and in-store shopping 

We can all agree that online shopping has made it a more convenient and seamless experience but just like in-store shopping, it still has its cons. Online shopping allows us to checkout products in one single place, giving us easy access to a wide selection of products where we can easily compare products while being able to shop leisurely 24/7 in our time. However, we are not able to touch, hold, get a feel for the product and physically see it in person until after making the purchase and it has arrived at your doorstep. This ends up being just as time-consuming as in-store shopping, due to the time and effort used to return the product. Going in-store to purchase a product gives us an instant purchase, where we can more accurately compare our options by physically seeing and feeling the true product and its quality.


How VR can help

Both online and in-store shopping has their own pros and cons, however now with new and emerging technologies, VR Tours combines the pros of offline and online shopping allowing us to experience the best of both worlds. VR is essentially an extension of online shopping, in which we as buyers can now realistically visualise what furniture pieces will look like in spaces. Matterport is a large 3D VR company that uses its software to provide us with realistic 3D virtual tours of furniture showrooms.


Virtual showrooms are becoming a popular digital shopping tool and many businesses are starting to utilise them. It provides us as buyers with the comfort we need. It changes the whole game to online shopping, as it gives us the possibility to try things out before we buy, greatly reducing the risk of ending up not happy with the product and having to return it.  


Australian retail furniture company, Temperature Design is now dominating the industry by collaborating with Matterport’s 3D technology to build a virtual showroom to showcase their products for online buyers. 

 Walk through the L.Ercolani Showroom for yourself.

You can see all their furniture collections in one place and see what various products look like together. My favourite collection, the IO collection has a unique and modern twist featuring wooden and modern tones finishes. Coming in a variety of sizes, shapes and colour, which you can easily get a realistic virtual feel for the collection in the virtual showroom, there are plenty of options to suit your theme and space.


The IO Collection

As seen in the showroom, the IO provides a premium and minimalistic collection of coffee table designs forged from the same characteristics as the Ercol Original Collections yet designed with more natural features displaying soft curves and soothing matte finishes, allowing it to seamlessly blend with the rest of the Ercol features. 


The IO Collection features round edges and is available in the Modern Tones finish options. Inspired by a minimalistic design, it is very versatile as it can be used for both commercial and residential spaces. Shown is the new Ochre Modern Tone finish. 

Virtual interior design showroom, showcasing the IO Collection

By your IO Table here.

The Utility Collection (formally the Origianls)

Another very versatile and contemporary style option coming from the Utility collection is the Black Butterfly chair. Featuring the classic Windsor wedge joint which inherently resembles the profile of a butterfly’s wings, comes in a wide selection of Ercol’s paint finishes as well as a water-based satin lacquer. The chair goes wonderfully with the Love Seat. The seat will definitely be the focus of your living space whether it is coupled with the Plank table, Corso table or even just used as a standalone piece.

Interior design in virtual showroom. Ercol Butterfly chair

View the Butterfly Chair here.

Temperature Design X Matterport ensures you can conveniently shop contemporary styled furniture while being comfortable in your own space. Now that you have read our blog, it is time for you to visit our virtual showroom, explore our different collections and find what pieces of furniture work best for you


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